Let’s Talk Shop: B2B Marketing

Initially geared its collateral toward the office fashionista with messaging about extending your style all the way to your desk, so when the focus shifted toward B2B accounts, I began writing materials that spoke directly to CEOs and HR reps interested in boosting morale and productivity by creating a workplace that made work feel good.


Cross-Platform Promo + Event: Back-to-School

To create any social media buzz, the language had to be engaging—fun to say and ripe with innuendo—totally begging for repetition. By personifying the products as “Study Buddies” and playing with the innuendo of “Hooking-Up,” I made the campaign copy flirtatious and kept it tethered to workplace/studying conventions. Plus, college radio could talk about heading down to the Hook-Up Truck!

The Lookbook As Jedi Mind Trick

There’s certainly no better season for wordplay, but when I began writing Poppin’s Spring Lookbook, I realized that the goal was to do more than produce punchy copy, it was to produce punchy copy with a purpose: To make the press feel that a Poppin story practically wrote itself.

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