Pop-Ups: In Your Face Yet Not Annoying

Given the direction to cook up some “un-annoying” pop-ups, I turned to personification, relying on character to reinforce brand voice, showcase products—and to be endearing about it.

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Spin: Is there a doctor in the house?

It wasn’t easy, but in this piece I believe I was actually able to make it seem pretty cool that your pricey Ping-Pong Conference Table is probably chipping. And it’s all written in true brand voice. Score!

826NYC + The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Inventing Superhero products by the dozen, naming them, writing product descriptions, and spray mounting labels onto empty cardboard boxes and paint cans—stocking the Superhero Supply store until the wee hours definitely proved writing’s power to invent a new world.

Brand to the Bone: Small Print Matters

By sustaining a beloved brand voice through bureaucratic text, a brand can establish a consistent sense of character—which, in turn, can further consumer trust. And the ultimate bonus to so much trust? Forgiveness. A trusted brand voice can more safely deliver the inevitable not-so-great news.

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Finance, Science + My Secret Math Life

Even after nine years proofreading and copyediting at BusinessWeek, money still scares me—but writing about it doesn’t. And I’m no rocket scientist, but I know a couple of them and I love writing about science and editing research.

The Story Is In The Juju

There’s a whole lot of story behind the founding of Juju Supply Co., so it was a challenge to boil down to a mission statement and quick copy sound bytes to beckon a new breed of jewelry shopper. I’m truly honored to have been a part of it!

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Targeted Marketing: Word Choice

Skewing collateral toward a specific segment doesn’t mean that your brand’s character has suddenly gone spineless and pandering, like a teenage social chameleon. With a grip on the brand and its spectrum of positioning possibilities, you can work vocabulary to suit the targeted segment while staying true to brand identity. 

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Where to Next, Tommy Bahama? (Look, mom! We’re on TV)

It’s no secret that we moved to Los Angeles so the dog could be discovered and made a star. When the lovely people of Pasadena Advertising asked me to work on the team featured in the AMC series, The Pitch, my first thought was to do the work and dodge the cameras—but the PADV office is dog-friendly and the Beast said: This could be my big chance! Suffice it to say that we both signed waivers, got blowouts, and went to work.

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